Dear future child,

I will start off by saying, anything your grandmother tells you about me is probably accuarate. Don’t let her fool you though she is just as crazy as she makes me out to be. Anyways, don’t ever be afraid to tell me your true hearts feelings, anything you feel I have felt most likely times 10 and I will always do my best to understand. Please don’t be upset at my secret obsession with 1970’s and 80’s pop rock just throw in your headphones or whatever technology that will be around while we ride, or you can catch on and sing along with mommy.

However much I gripe and moan about your uncleanliness I know you developed the trait from me so just do it. Don’t stuff your clothes in drawers and call it clean either, believe me I know all the “fake clean” tricks so I’ll catch you. Hangers my love hangers are the key to it all. No you cannot stay out past 12 until you’re 17. I know I know I’m considered the lame mom but listen, you are the most precious possession I have and after hours activities will not taint you well at least until you are 17  which is the age you can begin to roam. I don’t care if you heard I didn’t have a curfew at your age! I did and they’re lying I was in by 10pm every night on purpose!

I know your mommy is a little unorthodox or wierd if you will, but I promise you our days will never be boring. I hope you like the outdoors and traveling, I mean you have no choice but we will never spend a Christmas in the same country. Along with that always understand because we have so much we are giving  people, do everything with no intentions on receiving anything in return, and love everyone whole heartedly, even if its not given back.

Whatever your uncles tell you about me is a complete lie they’ve held blackmail over my head for years and if it involves me it most likely is not true. I promise. Seriously don’t listen to them.

Know that before you came I prepped for you, and I love you more then life itself. You will never go a day feeling like you are not the most special being on this earth. You can do anything your heart desires because mommy followed everything her heart told her too. Nothing you can do will ever make me stop being there for you and your father and I live everyday to ensure you understand that.

With Love, from your mother at 22.

Sierra Paige


(Disclaimer)- No I am not pregnant and do not plan on children for a few years. 🙂



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