The Perfect Person

Okay so lets face it, being single in this day in age is a little harder then it use to be if you ask me. There are so many avenues in which to meet people, but how do you know if someone is worth your time? Well I can’t give an exact answer but I do know whatever you do, do NOT settle for anything less then you want. Don’t settle for someone just so you can say you have a significant other. Find someone who has common interests, it will make the getting to know you stage way more easier then you both trying to find common grounds but can’t. Make sure the other person is NOT dealing with anyone else in a serious matter. Lets be real mainly anyone who is single is entertaining someone, but if there is a crazy ex involved or the other party is still harboring feelings for someone else, don’t do it. Looks aren’t everything people, I mean yea everyone wants a Channing Tatum or Jessica Alba but guess what? looks should just be an extra. Personality will take the relationship way further. Whats the point in having arm-candy but the person being as boring a college professor? Trust me. Last but not least… make sure YOU as a person are together and ready to spend time with someone else. We often look for love in others because we are ignoring the fact that we don’t love ourselves. This is important to any successful relationship. Again please trust me! These are somethings I have learned along the single path. Patience is another thing I am trying to develop. We will get there!

With Love,
Sierra Paige




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