16 Reasons Why I Won’t Give Up On You

Thought Catalog

It’s been 268 days since you approached me at the bar. That’s almost three-quarters of a year. And in those 268 days we have become “I-can-tell-you-something-with-just-my-eyes” close. We have laughed until we cried and you’ve made me cry. We have talked about everything, and yet, when it comes to you, I am sure of nothing. I am certainly not sure how any of this will end —  except that I don’t want it to be now. You make me furious. You make me confused. You make me sad. You push my buttons in a way no one else knows how. But I won’t give up on you yet, and here are a few reasons why:

1. You’re motivated.

Two promotions in a few years’ time and you’re in no way ready to settle. You’re constantly looking for opportunities to stand out and make an impression. You don’t back down from…

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