4 Things I Learned From Dating A Nice Guy

Thought Catalog

If someone were to generalize what my “type” of guy used to be… it would be >asshole. You know, like the tall, dark, and handsome jerks who never called, never met the family, never let me have the remote, and never EVER listened to what I had to say. So please note that I said “used to be” because after long and endless months of friend interventions and psychotherapy, I truly believe I have FINALLY found a nice and respectable guy who actually treats me right. Finding him is literally like finding a unicorn. We need to capture this species of men…study it…and clone it.

1. I’m actually pretty and gorgeous?

What people don’t realize is that when you’re constantly dating assholes, you never realize how beautiful you are because you spend so much time focused on how gorgeous he is. He might even remind you what…

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