The Biggest Problem With Modern Relationships

Thought Catalog

Modern relationships can be traumatic. Perhaps one of the west’s most widespread miseries.

Of course the highs are wonderful — like floating through the world in an unburstable bubble, a toothy grin stitched to your face. But the bubble bursts, of course. And you crash to the floor, floating no longer. I sound like I’ve just been through a break up, my heart cracked, this just an angry tirade. A denouncement of all those who are happy, a vindication of my singledom. Well it isn’t. You’ll just have to take my word on that.

But the modern relationship — the heterosexual, monogamous, eating in restaurants, and sleeping in on Sundays type — is dysfunctional. Expectation, money, and possession have slipped in their claws, shredding each little tendril of happiness.

We can all construct the ideal relationship in our heads. Inherited from the generation before, Hollywood, and big budget TV shows, three lumbering institutions always slow in…

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