A letter to Mike Browns mother (Teen Murdered in Ferguson),

A letter to Mike Browns mother (Teen Murdered in Ferguson),
I cried for you this morning. I can’t begin to fathom the pain in your heart, but I cried for you this morning. I’m afraid at this point. I’m scared to have my 14 year old brothers growing up in this society. Just because half of them is a certain race will they be stereotyped, limited, or in danger for the rest of their lives? What are we becoming? Racial crimes occur on a regular basis and nothing is being done. Trayveon Martin happened and they had a case. We let a murderer free, got mad, and forgot. I forgot. This I can’t forget Miss Brown. I didn’t know Mike, but I know he was young with a future ahead of him. I know you will now never get to experience holding a grandchild from the seed of Mike. See him walk the stage with a college degree. Congratulate him on his first management position at his job. See him walk a beautiful bride down the aisle. I cried for you this morning. I wake up every sunrise, thank God, and look out into the sky having hope for the world, but this morning was different. I woke up with tears in my eyes, I thanked God, but when I looked outside I didn’t feel any hope. Why is skin color creating such havoc in my society? What do we do? Cases are purposely going unnoticed, being swept under the rug, what do we do? When I see things like this in the news I usually get angry, calm down, and let my feelings fade away. I can’t this time. This time I’m not angry, I’m hurt for you. I’m sorry Miss Brown. I’m sorry. May God grant you peace in your soul, and guide you through what you are going through. My heart is heavy, my usually upbeat soul is dented, and I’m distraught for you Miss Brown. Some of my peers sit around and rant, and riot, and have no direction, but I won’t do that. I’ll cry for you because I’m actually hurting with you. Please know you have people behind you who care. I’m so sorry your son was taken from you so soon Miss Brown. I don’t have hope anymore. I woke up crying for a mother whose son was killed because he had too much pigment in skin. Miss. Brown just know I love you and I cried for you this morning.

Sierra Paige


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