7 Little Things That Make A Big Impact (Or, How To Be Happier With Your Life)

Thought Catalog

It’s super easy to post “life is great, I’m soooo happy” on Instagram or Twitter and exert to the world your wonderfully positive life. But are you really happy? A lot of the times people just say it in hopes they feel it one day, but let’s face it: life can get shitty sometimes. The great part is that life is good whether it’s raining or shining. Really. After many years of soul-searching, I came up with my list that helped me become a more positive being.

1. Never settle. At all.

We fail to realize we deserve the very best in everything. A lot of people tend to sell themselves short way too much. I know what I have to offer and if I am offering the best, then I deserve the best, too. Whether it be a job, a grade, a friendship, or even a significant other, everything…

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