4 rules to help 20something girls who are successful and single.

As if a long day at the office on a summer night didn’t make feel nostalgic enough, calling my bestfriend out for wine and a turkey burger did the trick. While talking about life issues, and world events, we both found ourselves realizing as successful as we have both become, following the paths we initially knew we would we both had one thing in common. We had terrible perceptions of love and a love life in general. In this day in age being a woman, who actually gives a damn about getting somewhere is a setback in itself. Finding someone confident enough to play back burner to a nurses schedule or a woman constantly writing is not the easiest thing a man can do. Most men can’t bare to feel inferior to a woman. Others just don’t feel like putting up with someone whose doing a lot when there are plenty of easy targets that are part-timing it at a pointless job and full-timing in at the bars looking for a come-up. So at 22 and 23 we found ourselves at a crossroad with love. Like really? We haven’t even hit fucking 30 yet. Anyways. After sitting back and thinking long and hard a few points came across the brain and I realized,

1) No need to rush. I mean I know at 22 our internal clocks are a ticking, menopause is only 17 years away! and everyone around us is gettin fucking married or popping out child número Dos but that doesn’t mean we have to. It will come when it’s time.

2) Find someone who is just as busy as you! Yea like seriously find someone who is occupying there time with activities (not 2k, and bar-hopping) like you are! If you want a successful partner, not someone using you for your moolah your going to have to deal with a busy partner. Point blank. Find a balance but always make atleast an hour a day and one day out of the week to spend time. Plus distance makes the sex even better, or is it the heart grow founder? You know what I’m getting at.

3) You don’t have to result to tinder. Or any online dating site for that matter. Instead of relying on social media like the world does try something else instead. Go to Starbucks, a local poetry slam, your school library, anything where pontetial love can spark organically! It is possible.

Ready for for the most annoying yet truest statement?)

4) when you stop looking it will come. I can vouch. I literally hung up the damn hat on love for awhile. Focused on myself, took a vacation, and literally forgot the opposite sex was there.. Then bam. Literally an Angel fell in my lap. No seriously he was personalized by God to me. Funny thing is, I was at a point when I knew I was happy alone and happy with me. That’s when it happened.

I know these won’t always work but if your not having any luck give it a try. You never know;)

Wirh Love,

Sierra Paige


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