10 Weird Things I Hope Other People Also Do

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Our Idiot BrotherOur Idiot Brother

At the risk of sounding like I’m some sort of special snowflake in the awkward guise of Zooey Deschanel in pretty much everything she’s ever played in, I hope someone somewhere can level with me here. I have real anxiety about some of these; tell me I’m not alone?

1. Have full conversations with my pets.

What’s that Quinn? You think I totally shot that guy first and this game is total bullshit? Well, what a coincidence, I do too! You truly are a scholar and a gentle-woman, now be a dear and bring me some tea. No? Fine, asshole, whatever, I’m telling everyone about how I caught you licking the cat’s butthole yesterday.

2. Talk to myself in public when I’m nervous or embarrassed.

“Whoops! Hey there door, didn’t see you standing there being all door like! Alright, well, that was only  really, really embarrassing…

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