A College Students Rant

You know, I’ve spent five years of my life in school. Now my 1st two years I bullshitted and didn’t really learn a thing, but for the last 2 and a half years I’ve busted my ass retaining information, staying up after work ensuring I at least make a 70 or so to maintain points in my classes, and at 2:40am on September 23rd I finally asked myself for what. Sure I’m teaching myself statistics right now because my teacher doesn’t give two fucks if I catch on in class or not, but that’s not why I’m questioning shit right now. What am I going to do after this? I’m 40,000 dollars in debt. America has me for fucking ever. Once I have this piece of paper what next huh? I’m supposed to accept the fact that I’ll only land a mediocre paying job in which I’ll have to be up by 7am to sit in traffic and be at work by 8? I’m not even a morning person! Then in order for me to top out at 50k+ I have to spend another 25,000 on a Master’s degree?! I’ve been sleep deprived since 2012. I’ve had to full time job making over 11 dollars an hour that works with my school schedule to pay my bills and I live with my parents! I have had to scrounge up change to buy illegal prescription drugs so I can stay semi-awake. I’ve had to hack websites to try and find free books instead of paying 450 fucking dollars. Sure plenty have done it, plenty have graduated I get that, but why? For a title in society? To have some stigma behind your name? Feels like I’ll I will have is debt behind mine. On top of that I found my calling in life and it doesn’t involve this bullshit statics equation I’m having to solve. Anyways, I’ve already come this far in debt to look back now so quantitative table I am back to being your bitch.




A college kid dying inside


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