Dear Stacy,

My Beautiful cousin Stacy.

Unfortunately, the only way I can express how I feel right now is to write you a letter you will never get to see. Today is the day you died, at only 33 years of age. I know that death is what makes people remember the best in people and it’s sad that when someone is alive and well is when we care about the worst. My only regret is never telling you how much I looked up to your bubbly personality and sense of self. You always marched to the beat of your own drum, and never seemed to care what people thought about you. You never made me feel like an outsider as much as I did, and you always, always, always, let me know how proud you we’re of me. We always made plans and never went through with them and not spending more time with you is something I will always regret, but I hope you knew how much I loved and cared about you. Heaven gained a precious gift today and I know you’re watching us all right now. I promise to always make sure your little girls are okay, and let them know how special their mother was. I’m sorry I was always to busy to tell you this in person, but thank you for being a someone I could look up to. No matter your past, or what people said you thrived and blossomed and brought a good aura to everyone. I’ll miss you Stacy.

With Love,


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