Ab-Soul Turns Up Dallas: These Days Tour Recap

Ab-Soul: These Days Tour Recap
Thursday November 6th Ab-soul graced Dallas with his presence via ScoreMore Show’s and gave us something even I myself was not expecting. Held in the loft part of the South Side Music Hall upon entrance the air was thick with the scent we all know an love, and the vibe of the crowd was a something I haven’t felt at a show in along time. Ab-Soul’s following felt more like a family then a fan base, so when we we’re all turning up it got crazy and everyone there was having a badass time. Opener Raw Elementz was on stage when I arrived and the crowd was getting hyped to songs he was performing from his recent mixtape. BAS also blessed the stage with a hyped performance getting the crowd ready so when Ab-Soul stepped onto the stage everyone was already turned up.

Although it was the “These Days Tour” Soul performed favorites off of Control System as well and the audience ate it up. He made sure to wear an “I love drank” hat and we even got to see Short Dawg & Jink out of Houston help him perform his turn up song “Twact.” For my first time seeing Ab-Soul live I will say he made quite the impression on me, and it was a show I am so glad I didn’t miss. It was brought to you by none other then ScoreMore who keeps bringing out the hottest artists to the city. If you missed this show I highly suggest seeing Ab-Soul the next time he comes back to the D, because the vibe he brought with him was undescribable. For more information on ScoreMore and the artists they bring out visit ScoreMoreShows.com and remember CosignMag.com is bringing you write-ups, info, and events on artist first.

With Love,
Sierra Paige


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