Saturday Morning: Coffee and Classic’s.

Welcome to my new segment on the sight. Every Saturday morning, if I’m not at work getting in hours, I’m up doing homework, writing, or on a hike. This morning I just so happen to be at work (booooo) and as I sip my coffee and do some consulting via chat’s I pick a classic Album and listen all the way through it.

This morning my classic album is “ATLiens” my favorite album from OutKast. This album was released in 1998 and as recent as that seems it was 15 years ago! Now this was my album for the morning because like all OutKast albums it gets me motivated to work. Big Boi and Andre 3000 are creative genius’s if you didn’t know and this album may just be perfection. “Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac) one of the Souths anthems was released on this album and if you have given this beauty a listen don’t you love Andre 3000’s grittyness on it? We also got “Jazzy Belle” sampled by Lil Wayne and many others on this masterpiece! I would like to think this album gives us the young, fresh OutKast before the megafame. This album also has a southern vibe to it and if your from the south you know we love out Cadillac bangers.

So why do I listen to music made over 15 years ago? Well I encourage all of my fellow milleniums to listen to a classic album once in awhile. The music we are subdue’d to these days is a little repetitive and it’s nice to get back to real hip-hop from time to time. There is nothing wrong with Migo’s, and Drake, but getting back to the basics is vital in anything you enjoy. You can have a pumpkin spiced latte everyday, but once in awhile you need a straight black coffee just to get your taste-buds off your norm. That’s how I view hip-hop. I love it, it get’s me through the day but sometimes I need to hear it in it’s more organic state when rappers made music because they truly loved it, not for the flashy things that come with it.

If you have nothing else to do take an hour and pic your favorite classic to Jam this morning and if you have some idea’s for me let me know!

With Love,

Sierra Paige


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