Coffee and Classic’s: Illmatic

If you’re a hip-hop head you have at least three Nas songs that run through your shuffle daily. This Saturday’s Coffee and Classic’s is dedicated to the one album that forever gets me motivated for anything I need to face. Illmatic may be one of the best albums ever created and some argue even Nas’s best album of his career. Released in April of 94′ its hard to believe this album is 20 years old. Nas was only 18 when he dropped this piece of art. From motivational pick me ups like “The World Is Yours” (one of my very favorite songs) to the gritty classic “N.Y State of Mind” were Nas describes when he created the song he walked the streets of his home New York to make sure he brought us the New York feel, this album has nothing but poetic rhymes over beautiful production. “One Love” another classic inspired by a letter to a friend in jail was the first of its kind, inspiring many rappers behind him to do the same type of theme.

So why did I chose Illmatic? Not to be cliche but this album does something like a mental cleanse to me. It not only gets me away from all of the commonly themed music of today but is able to take me back to real pure music. This album is more then hip-hop but it is a perfectly crafted album and any genre could agree. Sometimes we need to get back to the basics and these classic albums can do that without you having to skip a track. Nas is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time and who couldn’t agree? He created one of the greatest albums of all time at the tender age of 18 when most people aren’t even mature enough for the real world. He has had multiple greats including Jay-Z sample from this album helping the argument of Nas’s greatness. This classic got my Saturday started beautifully and if you already haven’t I suggest throwing on a classic album at least once a week. Have a blessed Saturday and throw on “The World Is Yours” I promise it’ll get ya going.

With Love,

Sierra Paige


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