Late Night Thought’s

The most beautiful thing about what we call life is that, it’s not never ending. No day is the same. Every single day we have a chance to do something different then we did the day before. If you made a mistake on a Monday, you are able to tweak your Tuesday and maybe make it a little better then the day before. I realized this at a young age, but unknowingly. As we go through the motions of living, because I don’t think we truly “grow up” we just learn to live its easy to get lost. Lost in work, lost in thought’s, lost in school, lost in accomplishments, lost in failures, lost in love, lost in yourself. We get so lost so quick. How do you refrain from doing so? I honestly don’t know. I can’t tell you and I won’t pretend like I can. I have taught myself to never go through the motions. No. I won’t wake up, rinse, and repeat. I refuse to think that I’m suppose to live like the directions off a shampoo bottle. The beautiful thing about life to me is one day, it’s going to be over and we never know when. That’s why I wake up and look out of my sky light and smile, even if its covered in plops of rain, even if life is getting the best of me it’s still so beautiful. They say we make our lives according to how we want and to some that may be true, to others God or “destiny” controls what happens to our one simple soul out of the billions in the world. Either way the rapper, the model, the crackhead, and the leper all will realize the beautiful thing about life is that it’s not never ending.


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